About me

Hi there.  My name is Karen.  I am one man’s wife.  Mother of two. Sibling of three sisters and two brothers (yes, we are like the Brady Bunch!).  And landlord of four cats.  I live in the Jacaranda City – Pretoria.  And like you, I love to cook.

I cook for love, for fun, for celebrations, for peace, for hunger or health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse.  I cook the food that I love, that I miss, that I read about, that I saw somewhere or dream of.

This is my food blog about the food loves and traditions of my Afrikaans family living in South Africa.  The idea for Sugar on Toast has been simmering for quite some time.  I want to collect, organise and compile my mom’s recipes as an heirloom for my siblings and their kids.

Why Sugar on Toast?  Because eating sugar on toast is one of my mom’s peculiar food loves, which I have to admit, I don’t share.  But I have this memory of her, sitting at our kitchen table late at night, drinking rooibos tea and eating sugar on toast.

So this is my memoir food blog, dedicated to my mother.  Here you’ll find a mix of recipes, family memories, food philosophies, travel adventures, good reads, and all the other food stuff that I care to comment on.



  1. Wow! Well done! Melt halfpad aan die slaap hier langs my maar skud hom af en toe wakker sodat hy kan luister na wat jy skryf! Soek al langal ‘n lekker melkkos resep. Ouma kuier hier so gaan sommer dat sy dit vir ons maak. X

    1. Dankie Lize! Ek hoop julle geniet die melkkos!

  2. Hi karen, mal oor jou idee, ek is beslis n ‘follower’! Groete sunet (osie-ma)

    1. Baie dankie, Sunet! Volg Sugar on Toast op Facebook of Bloglovin (in die kolom regs). FB of Bloglovin sal jou dan laat weet wanneer daar iets nuuts op my blog is.

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